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Published, peer-reviewed articles

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Juliet M. Wong and Gretchen E. Hofmann (2021) Gene expression patterns of red sea urchins (Mesocentrotus franciscanus) exposed to different combinations of temperature and pCO2 during early development. BMC Genomics 22(32).​.


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Juliet M. Wong, Logan C. Kozal, Terence S. Leach, Umihiko Hoshijima, and Gretchen E. Hofmann (2019)  Transgenerational effects in an ecological context: Conditioning of adult sea urchins to upwelling conditions alters maternal provisioning and progeny phenotype. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 517: 65-77.

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Kevin M. Johnson, Juliet M. Wong, Umihiko Hoshijima, Cailan S. Sugano, and Gretchen E. Hofmann (2019). Seasonal transcriptomes of the Antarctic pteropod, Limacina helicina antarctica. Marine Environmental Research 143: 49-59.


Juliet M. Wong, Kevin M. Johnson, Morgan W. Kelly, and Gretchen E. Hofmann (2018). Transcriptomics reveal transgenerational effects in purple sea urchin embryos: Adult acclimation to upwelling conditions alters the response of their progeny to differential pCO2 levels. Molecular Ecology 27(5): 1120-1137.


Umihiko Hoshijima, Juliet M. Wong, and Gretchen E. Hofmann (2017). Additive effects of pCO2 and temperature on respiration rates of the Antarctic pteropod, Limacina helicina antarctica. Conservation Physiology 5(1): cox064.


Juliet M. Wong, Jorge L. Pérez-Moreno, Tin-Yam Chan, Tamara M. Frank, and Heather D. Bracken-Grissom (2015). Phylogenetic and transcriptomic analyses reveal the evolution of bioluminescence and light detection in marine deep-sea shrimps of the family Oplophoridae (Crustacea: Decapoda). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 83: 278 - 292.

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