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I am a National Science Foundation (NSF) Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology (PRFB) at Florida International University (FIU). I am also a postdoc within the NSF Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) at FIU, the Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CAChE).

I study epigenetic processes within the context of global change marine biology in Dr. Jose Eirin-Lopez's Environmental Epigenetics Lab (EELab).


Please explore this site to learn more about me, read about my research interests, or view my CV.

Latest News


I presented a webinar as part of NOAA's NWFSC Monster Seminar Jam series. I shared part of my thesis work investigating the response of red sea urchins to different temperatures and pH levels during early development. I also presented my research into the role of transgenerational plasticity in purple urchins. You can check out the recording here (password: FcJixWk2).


In August 2022, we returned to Bonaire where I assisted EELab Ph.D. candidate Serena Hackerott with her dissertation work. Serena researches coral epigenetics and memory, working in collaboration with Reef Renewal Bonaire

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Spring and Summer 2022 have been busy times for fieldwork in Puerto Rico. A sudden die-off of Diadema has spread throughout the Caribbean, with many signs of sick and dying urchins. I have been collecting data and samples to investigate this mass mortality event in Puerto Rico. See here for more. I am also collaborating with Dr. Kelcie Chiquillo, an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology and fellow EELab member, who is studying the epigenetics of native and invasive seagrasses in Puerto Rico. 


I am heading to the RCN Evolution in Changing Seas 2022 Integration and Training Workshop at Shoals Marine Laboratory. I'm looking forward to learning about new synthesis activities, reconnecting with other scientists from a wide range of fields, and engaging in the future goals of the network!