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Aquaculture of the New Zealand greenshell mussel,

Perna canaliculus


Projects led by scientists at  UC Santa Barbara and the Cawthron Institute are investigating transgenerational plasticity in greenshell mussels 

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Project Objective

The greenshell mussel is of high economic and cultural importance in New Zealand. Aquaculture farming practices are at the forefront of supporting the extensive fishery of greenshell mussels, which are an important source of protein for many people. I am collaborating with scientists at UCSB and the Cawthron Institute, using transcriptomic and epigenetic analyses to investigate transgenerational plasticity in greenshell mussels within the context of the hatchery, working to identify how adult conditioning may lead to hardier offspring. Check out Logan Kozal's work in the Hofmann Lab for more information.

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